Lady, you want a baby? Marry early

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Rising pressures of life is making many women worldwide marry late, but according to Dr Babatunde Okewale, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (O&G) and a fertility expert, Nigeria, this fact could be the major cause of rising infertility.

“The older a woman gets the more difficult it is to achieve a pregnancy,” said Dr Babatunde in a press address.

He added that the best time, for any woman to achieve a pregnancy is between age 20 and 30 warning that “once you are hitting 35, the ability to achieve a pregnancy starts decreasing at a very fast rate such that by 40, for most women, they find it extremely difficult to achieve a pregnancy”.

According to him, there are basically five criteria for anyone who is trying to conceive. The first thing is that the husband’s sperm must be of good quality and quantity. The second requirement is that the woman herself must know her fertile period; when she is ovulating because it is only when they make love at that time that pregnancy can occur.

The third one is that the inside of the womb of the woman must be able to accept and keep a pregnancy. So, there shouldn’t be anything in the womb that can disrupt pregnancy whether it is fibroid, adhesions or polyps.

The fourth requirement is that the fallopian tube of the woman must be opened so that the eggs that are formed in the ovary can enter the tube and mix with the sperm that is coming so that fertilisation can occur. Finally, the woman must be producing quality eggs.

He said that infertility is both a disease process as well as a lifestyle issue.



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